The goal of Pediatric Physical Therapy is to help children independently perform everyday gross motor skills like jumping and running and functional mobility skills like stair climbing and wheelchair mobility.

Pediatric Physical Therapists work with children and their families to assist children in reaching their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation at home, school and community environments.  Physical therapists use their knowledge and expertise in movement and development to evaluate and treat children so they maximize motor development, strength and overall independence.  Collaborating with the child, family, other health care professionals, daycare, school and any other individuals that interact with the child, the therapist establishes interventions to assist and support the individual needs of each child.

Pediatric Physical Therapists will look at how a child moves, muscle strength and overall gross motor development during everyday activities and play.  They may evaluate the following to determine if physical therapy is needed:

  • Head control
  • Rolling
  • Sitting/balance
  • Moving on hands and knees
  • Standing
  • Walking skills and balance

If you have experience with Pediatric Physical Therapy, please share it here.

Patty Cotter is a Physical Therapist at Penfield Children’s Center.

APTA. American Physical Therapy Association.

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