When it’s too cold or rainy and your youngster can’t play outside in the yard or go to the park, here are a 10 different fun, indoor activities to keep your toddler entertained.

  1. Baking or Cooking: Spend time with your toddler mixing and measuring ingredients for cookies or brownies! Another fun alternative is to make homemade pizzas, and let your toddler make a face on the pie using pepperonis, sausages, and other toppings.
  1. Shaving Cream Fun: Put some shaving cream on a table and let your toddler have fun playing with it. You can practice writing the alphabet, numbers, and drawing shapes. For even more fun, add a few drops of food coloring into the shaving cream.
  1. Ice Cube Painting: Fill slots in the ice cube trays halfway with paint and fill it the rest of the way up with water. Stir the paint and water mixture with popsicle sticks, and place one popsicle stick in each mixture. Place the tray in the freezer until each mixture is frozen completely. Pop out the ice cubes and let the kids paint with them on paper. It’s a fun, new, unique way to create a painting!
  1. Treasure Hunt: Put together a “treasure,” consisting of a Tupperware full of small toys, treats, snacks, etc, and hide it somewhere in the house. Next, make a treasure map. Make the kids take 12 steps to the left, go under the table, go down the stairs, look under the bed, etc. that will eventually lead to more clues, and then the treasure! If you soak the paper in coffee and let it dry, it will look like a real canvas map! This activity helps kids with following directions, working in a team, counting, and using their imagination.
  1. Make your own play-doh.  Here’s an excellent video to take you through the step by step process.
  1. Have a bubble blowing contest.
  1. Have a blind taste test: Grab some of your toddlers favorite foods and have them close their eyes. Feed them different kinds of foods, and have them guess what it is they are eating! Helps with developing recognition, taste, and being able to describe what they are feeling.
  1. Make a giant pillow fort: Use furniture, sheets, blankets, and cushions from around the house. It’s like camping inside!
  1. Cardboard Box Car: A small cardboard box is all you need to make a fun car for a favorite bear or doll. Take a bigger cardboard box and turn it into a car for your toddler! Feel free to decorate it with paint, markers, crayons, or stickers, and attach 4 small paper plates to use as wheels! You can also use scissors to cut out a door for them to climb in and out of their car.
  2. Balloon Bop: Blow up a couple of balloons, then get your toddler to bounce, throw, and hit the balloon across the room without it touching the ground. A fun game and great for developing hand/eye coordination.

Are there any activities or crafts that you and your toddler like to do inside on a rainy day? Please, share your own experiences and ideas here!



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