In the interest of offering healthy and nutritious food to the children at our center, Penfield has been working to bring food service in-house. Thanks to the generosity of several donors, that is now possible.

A new industrial-sized refrigerator, stove and freezer from the Boelter Company, along with new floor installation by Kohl’s Department Stores, have transformed Penfield’s primary kitchen space. Penfield is already preparing breakfast and lunch for children entirely in-house. By eliminating catered and pre-packaged foods, Penfield is ensuring a healthier menu for children and reducing the consumption of sodium and preservatives.

Additionally, thanks to a generous donation of cabinets from Cathy and Michael White – along with installation work and materials donated by Greenfire Management – a basement storage room was transformed into a new food preparation area for meetings and family events. The basement prep area will better accommodate Penfield’s family programs, holiday-themed events, as well as gatherings of corporate and civic groups.

Thank you to the Boelter Company, Greenfire Management, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Cathy and Michael White for their generous support.