Penfield is a place for all children to learn, grow and celebrate every milestone.


Therapy Services

He receives therapy at Penfield to address his developmental delays which include movement and fine motor skills.

Working with Penfield’s team of Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, Nehemiah can practice sitting, reaching and grabbing in order to increase his muscle tone and fine motor dexterity.


Inclusive Play: Toys For All

Zaire has cerebral palsy, a condition which limits his muscle control and fine motor skills.

Penfield’s new adaptive toys allow him to independently play with a variety of toys by pushing a large switch button. Experiencing the cause and effect of pushing the button and truly interacting with the toys provides so much joy and fun for him!

Watch Zaire’s video


Early Education

Because of some medical complications, Yaretzi receives her nutritional needs through an enteral gastric tube.

Having registered nurses and specially trained staff working in our Special Care Nursery, Yaretzi has been able to grow and learn along with other children her age, despite her unique feeding needs.

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