Is the First Connections - Autism Services program a good fit for your family?

Get the answers to our most common questions regarding how the program works, enrollment and qualifications.

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First Connections Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a diagnosis?

No, your child does not need an autism diagnosis to enroll.

How old does my child need to be to participate?

The program is currently shown to be effective with children 14 months-6 years of age.

Where do the session take place?

Sessions take place in the child’s home.

How long is the program?

Visits occur one time per week for 60-90 minutes with daily activities for you to build into your routines between visits. The research show that progress is shown within twelve weeks.

Can I do First Connections and ABA therapy at the same time?

Although each program requires a significant time commitment, families are not discouraged from enrolling in First Connections while participating in ABA. Please be aware that families sign an agreement that states the family is available to meet with a provider for 60-90 minutes per week and are able to follow through on the suggested activities throughout the week.

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