At 2-years, 9-months, Emanuel was frequently physically aggressive toward family members, and demonstrating severe temper tantrums. He was having difficulty following directions and often refused to do what he was asked. The youngest of three children, Emanuel used negative behavior to get what he wanted, and his relationships with his siblings were quickly deteriorating. Emanuel’s behaviors were found to meet the criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Emanuel’s mother, Laura, yearned to have a stronger bond with him. The clinician from the Behavior Clinic helped restore the parent-child relationship by using play and other nurturing activities, as well as rebuilding Emanuel’s relationships with his siblings. She also helped establish limit-setting strategies and new discipline techniques. After treatment concluded, Laura reported significant improvements in Emanuel and felt more confident in her ability to handle his aggressive behaviors. “Thank you to the Behavior Clinic for the help you have given me and my family,” said Laura. “Our communication as a family has improved significantly, and we are able to help not only our child, but other children, as well.”