Camarion loves to play basketball, run fast and read books. “He’s a fun-loving kid that likes to be silly and put together puzzles,” said his mother, Melissa. “He keeps me busy!” Camarion was born with a rare genetic condition that disturbs cell growth in the nervous system causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. He started receiving early intervention services from Penfield when Melissa noticed he wasn’t speaking like the other kids his age. He also didn’t enjoy spending time with friends and lacked the typical energetic play seen in his peers. Shortly after enrolling at Penfield, he was diagnosed with autism. Melissa was happy to find a program that provided speech, physical and occupational therapy and special education. Camarion’s teachers and therapists helped him improve his fine motor skills, establish a daily routine and communicate using sign language. Melissa is hopeful Camarion will have an easier time adjusting to school and is comforted because he can continue to receive therapy at Penfield. “We’re a strong team, Camarion and I,” said Melissa. “He means the world to me and I’m so proud to be his mom.”