Core Values | Penfield


We welcome everyone with compassion, empathy, patience, and kindness. To lead with love, we look for the best in our co-workers, our families, and ourselves.


We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. We believe there is always a better way of asking questions that challenge the status quo, improve our process, and make our work easier. We focus on how we can improve ourselves and, in the process, better serve the children and families in our care.


Together, we can do amazing things. Children and families trust us and depend on us to work as a team to meet their needs. We are better together when we maximize our strengths, the gifts of our colleagues, and the commitment of our amazing partners.


We are determined, motivated, and adaptable. We solve problems. We own our work, our actions, and our behaviors. We step up to help our co-workers, partners, and our families. We do what it takes to get the job done right and done well.


We bring our best, genuine self to everything we do. Being present allows us to bring our passion and commitment to our work to ensure the best possible outcomes for Penfield.



Dear friends,

Let us begin by first thanking you for your dedication to Penfield’s children and staff. As 2019 came to a close, we could never have predicted what was to come in 2020 and we are continually grateful for your commitment to our mission, your heartfelt care and concern. As we navigate these uncertain times, we know we will pull through because our families depend on us and we are dedicated to providing essential services to our community.

In 2019, we worked diligently to meet the needs of our families by ensuring 1,712 children met milestones, celebrated unique strengths and were provided the early education, health and wellness services to thrive.  

One of our notable accomplishments was to create a set of guiding principles, the Core Values of Penfield. These are prominently displayed at Penfield Children’s Center and Penfield Montessori Academy and regularly referenced when speaking with staff and families. The Core Values include:

Lead with Love: We welcome everyone with compassion and empathy; patience and kindness. To lead with love, we look for the best in our co-workers, our families and ourselves.

Grow with Us: We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. We believe there is always a better way of asking questions that challenge the status quo, improve our process and make our work easier. Grow with us allows us to focus on how we can improve ourselves and, in the process, better serve the children and families in our care.

Better Together: Together, we can do amazing things. Children and families trust us and depend on us to work as a team to meet their needs. We are better together when we maximize our strengths, the gifts of our colleagues and the commitment of our amazing partners.

Do What it Takes: We are determined, motivated and adaptable. We solve problems. We own our work, our actions and our behaviors. We step up to help our co-workers, partners and our families. We do what it takes to get the job done right and done well.

Be Present: We bring our best genuine self to everything we do. Being present allows us to bring our passion and commitment to our work to ensure the best possible outcomes for Penfield.

We believe wholeheartedly that Penfield is making a difference. We help toddlers take their first steps, provide life-changing trauma-informed behavioral health services and cheer on all our children as they overcome obstacles to reach their full potential.

Penfield is possible because of your commitment and belief in us. Thank you.


Christine P. Holmes Signature

Christine P. Holmes
President and CEO

Al Signature

Al Araque
Board Chair



The Behavior Clinic at Penfield Children’s Center provides treatment services to children 6 years of age and younger who have behavior and emotional challenges. A partnership between Penfield and Marquette University, the Behavior Clinic offers family-centered, in-home treatment sessions that address issues very early in a child’s development to help prevent serious mental health issues from developing in the future.

Two-year-old Josue was referred to the Behavior Clinic for concerns regarding tantrums, difficulty communicating, sleeping problems, and aggression. Josue’s parents were concerned that he would harm himself during tantrums by beating himself or by hitting his head on the wall or floor. They were also concerned that he frequently used tantrums to communicate his needs, which they attributed to his speech delay.

Over eight months, Josue and his family received 20 in-home treatment sessions from the Behavior Clinic. His family was highly engaged in sessions and consistently implemented strategies recommended by his therapist, which included a mix of nurturing activities and limit-setting approaches for his challenging behaviors. The therapist also worked with Josue’s family on developing a consistent bedtime routine to improve his sleep. His parents worked together to ensure that they were both responding to Josue in the most effective way, and openly discussed their concerns with the therapist. This high-level of collaboration was a major contributing factor to Josue’s success.

During treatment, Josue underwent hearing testing and his family learned that he was partially deaf. The Behavior Clinic therapist served as a support for the family as this news was particularly difficult for Josue’s mother. The therapist encouraged his family to obtain Individual Educational Planning (IEP) services through the school district and provided his parents with community resources, including a referral to a local agency for the hard of hearing. Along with these advocacy services, the therapist helped Josue learn to communicate in more effective ways. The therapist provided picture cue cards and worked with the family on using gestures, including sign language, to communicate. As Josue developed language skills, he was prompted to use more oral language.

By the end of treatment, Josue was able to verbalize simple sentences to communicate his needs to his parents. Josue also made significant improvement in all areas of concern, exceeding the goals that were set for his behavior. At the completion of his Behavior Clinic services, Josue no longer met the diagnostic criteria for a mental health diagnosis.

  • The Behavior Clinic served 342 children ages six and younger in Milwaukee County.
  • 98% of children had experienced one or more traumatic events, such as abuse, neglect, death of a loved one, or community violence.
  • 22% of children were in foster care or kinship home placements. These cases were often more complex, as our clinicians typically provided separate services for both foster and biological parents.
  • 77% of children showed a reduction in challenging behaviors and 71% of children showed an increase in positive behaviors, based on the Early Childhood Behavior Screen.
  • 72% of children showed a reduction in trauma symptoms, based on the Preschool Inventory of Trauma Symptoms.
  • 94% of families showed an increase in parent-child relationships based on the Parent-Child Relationship Scale.



The Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program at Penfield is available to children with a developmental delay or a diagnosed condition that puts them at risk for a delay. It provides a partnership between parents or caregivers and a team of early intervention professionals that work together to increase each child’s abilities and help them reach their full potential.

  • 557 children enrolled in Milwaukee County’s Birth to Three Early Intervention Program at Penfield received therapy services.
  • 94% of the children we served improved their communication skills, 96% improved cognitive skills and 98% displayed developmental improvement in motor skills.
  • 97% of parents believed the program helped them understand rights and advocate for their child.
  • 96% of parents received information on other community resources that they needed to take care of their child.



Penfield Children’s Center provides a fully-inclusive Early Education and Child Care program for children 6-weeks- to 5-years-old. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and awarded a 5-star rating by YoungStar, Penfield employs a child-centered, exploratory approach to early learning.

When Racheal took her daughter Reign to her one-month doctor’s appointment, she learned that her daughter had challenges in all areas of development, especially with movement, communication and eating. She would need extra services in order to stay on track so she was referred to the Milwaukee County Birth to Three Early Intervention Program and started receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy through Penfield Children’s Center.

“It was so nice to connect with Penfield,” Racheal explained. “Having a child with special needs and not understanding what the doctors were saying was stressful. At Penfield, staff are so caring and compassionate. They find resources to help you as a family.”

After her therapist explained that both her youngest daughter Reign and her older daughter Raevynn could attend Penfield and receive exceptional care in the Early Education and Care Program, Racheal knew this was the right next step for her family. She also learned about a job opening and has since become a teacher at Penfield!

“For Reign, it has been so nice to not worry about her getting the care she needs due to having special needs. For Raevynn, I love that the center is inclusive and diverse. She’s getting a new experience,” Racheal said. 

Reign is now an energetic, smiley, determined almost-two-year old girl who loves to snuggle and knows what she wants to do. Her physical therapist, Maggie, has seen lots of growth in her. “When Reign started, she could not sit up or hold her head up when on her tummy,” Maggie explained. “She had difficulty interacting with her daycare teachers. She had to be fed with a tube in her nose. Reign is now starting to take some steps! She crawls fast too!” 

“Reign has a supportive and fun family! She is a well-loved sister and daughter,” Maggie said. “It’s great that she is able to be in Early Education and Care here, to see her mom and sister throughout the day, and also play with other children in the Special Care Nursery.”

Her sister Raevynn has also loved being part of the Penfield family in the Early Education and Care program. Now three years old, she is not shy at all and loves all the new friends she has made at Penfield. “Reign and Raevynn love Penfield and their awesome teachers and friends,” Racheal said. “I couldn’t pick a better place for my girls to learn and grow!”

  • Our Early Education and Care program served 134 children.
  • 96% of our children with developmental delays/disabilities made improvements in communication, motor, and/or cognitive skills.
  • Approximately 38% of children in our Early Education and Care program have a disability or developmental delay, such as Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, autism, albinism, a traumatic brain injury, or an abusive head trauma. Thanks to Penfield’s integrated nursing and therapy services, parents can go to work knowing that their children are learning in an inclusive, safe environment that supports their developmental and medical needs.



Penfield Children’s Center recognizes the vital role that families play in helping their children reach their full potential. Penfield’s Family Engagement program helps families develop the skills necessary to foster their children’s development and to stabilize the environment in which the children are raised.

Penfield Children’s Center provides educational workshops and school transition support services to help engage families. In 2019, we hosted our first annual Community Fun Fest event, complete with family-friendly activities, free food and informational booths sponsored by the Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee Fire Department, Books for Kids Mobile Library, Milwaukee Public Museum – Kohl’s on the Move and many more!

  • We welcomed 750 children and their family members to our Holiday Party and 140 community and staff volunteers helped to ensure another incredible event. Gifts were donated by Kohl’s associates, Apple Leisure Group and Northwestern Mutual. 
  • Penfield offered 16 family programs and events including celebrations, support groups and parent education workshops.



Penfield staff assist families in Waukesha County in applying for Wisconsin’s Long-Term Support Programs including Katie Beckett Medicaid, Children’s Long-Term Support Medicaid Waiver, and Children’s Community Options Program. We also work with families in Milwaukee County to apply for Katie Beckett Medicaid.



Through the generous support of Kohl’s Cares, the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program allows Penfield to provide children in need access to early educational and developmental programs, services and equipment that promote hands-on learning for children, professionals and families.

  • Our Child Development Specialists served 1,916 children.
  • We distributed 15,234 Kohl’s Building Blocks Early Learning Toolkits
  • 20,762 participants worked with our Community Outreach Team
  • In 2019, we saw record numbers with 142,981 unique visitors accessing the Kohl’s Building Blocks website – PenfieldBuildingBlocks.org.



Our Special Care Nursing Services serve children from birth to age five with chronic health conditions and medical challenges. Nursing staff provide medical care, therapy, and education for children in our care.

Layonni was born with spastic Cerebral palsy, vision conditions, and sensory issues. Due to her health challenges, Layonni has significant muscle tightness and limited movement and is unable to sit up.

At six months old, Layonni was referred to Penfield through the Milwaukee County Birth to Three Early Intervention Program and started receiving occupational therapy in her home.

After growing to trust our staff, Layonni’s mom enrolled her in Penfield’s medically based daycare in the Special Care Nursery. Her mom feels comfortable bringing Layonni to Penfield every day because our staff are trained to position her correctly so she can breathe, play, and eat safely. Thanks to our specialized nursing care, Layonni’s mom is able to work full-time and is confident that her daughter is thriving.

Now eighteen months old, Layonni is a smiley, goofy, and expressive toddler. In the Special Care Nursery, Layonni receives skilled nursing services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy while learning and interacting with her peers. She loves being cuddled and is passionate about helping her caregivers understand what she wants. Thanks to our dedicated nursing and therapy staff, Layonni has improved her muscle tone and hand grasp. She is also able to hold her head up longer, can tolerate different textures, and is able to track with her eyes after extensive work on hand-eye coordination.

Layonni’s future looks bright with so many caring adults on her team. Penfield’s staff can see that she is resilient and determined and believes that she will continue to grow and expand her potential.

  • 75 children at Penfield Children’s Center and 18 students at Penfield Montessori Academy received Special Care Nursing services.
  • Approximately 75% of children who received nursing services were low-income.
  • 82% of children improved their communication skills based on their Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).
  • 77% of children improved their cognitive and motor skills based on their Individual Family Service Plan (ISFP).
  • More than 85% of parents of children who required skilled nursing services received individualized support from a Penfield nurse such as a phone call, email, text message, home visit, or in-person conversation.



Through a generous donation from Harley Davidson, UPAF Connect brought the performing arts to Penfield. Danceworks provided a 6-week Creative Movement Dance Workshop for our 3-5 year olds. This creative workshop allowed our kids to explore movement and dance basics in a fun, energy-filled environment.

A Board Certified Music Therapist developed a music therapy program, free of charge, at Penfield as part of her Master’s project through the University of Michigan. She provided group and individual sessions for 12 weeks to 20 children of all abilities. Each child established goals related to speech and communication, cognition, socialization, emotional, behavioral functions and pain management.

We received a $20,000 grant from the Gannett Foundation as part of “A Community Thrives,” a grant-making and crowd-funding program from the USA TODAY Network to help fund our Behavior Clinic.

The Behavior Clinic reached more than 850 mental health professionals and community members at local and national conferences and trainings including the Zero to Three Annual Conference in Florida, the Charleston Child Trauma conference in South Carolina, and the 2019 Summit on Poverty and SWIM (Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee) conference in Milwaukee.

Kohl’s facility leaders transformed our center on Facility Day! 65 volunteers re-designed our Kohl’s Building Blocks lending library, installed new flooring, overhauled our storage space, refreshed lighting, painted and upgraded signage, worked on outdoor beautification and much more.

WISN 12 NEWS, First Book and Kettle Moraine Heating & AC donated books to Penfield through the Magic of Storytelling program. We had a great time reading with Chernéy Amhara, Alderman Robert Bauman and Executive Director of Near West Side Partners, Keith Stanley!

We were honored to receive the Marquette Service Learning Award in May during their 25th anniversary celebration.

Penfield welcomed more than 800 volunteers who created art with children in our classrooms, helped plan our events and worked on indoor and outdoor beautification projects.

Penfield staff assist families in Waukesha County in applying for Wisconsin’s Long-Term Support Programs including Katie Beckett Medicaid, Children’s Long-Term Support Medicaid Waiver, and Children’s Community Options Program. We also work with families in Milwaukee County to apply for Katie Beckett Medicaid.



Your contributions and heartfelt dedication allow us to serve the most vulnerable children in Milwaukee. The 24th annual Croquet Ball raised $450,000! In celebration of his dedication to our families, we presented the 2019 Benefactor Award to Bob Mikulay. Joining our board in 2002, Bob transformed the lives of thousands of children through his leadership at Penfield Children’s Center. At the event, our president and CEO, Chris Holmes mentioned he is an “… exceptional advocate, a visionary leader and occasionally, for the children at Penfield, a pretty awesome playmate.”

To celebrate Bob’s incredible impact and legacy at Penfield, we have created the Mikulay Leadership Chair. Thank you to everyone that made a financial contribution. The Mikulay Leadership Chair will ensure Penfield maintains exceptional leaders in its president/CEO position.

We were also thrilled to welcome the Alabi family and shared Nyah’s courageous story:

Special thanks to our Event Co-Chairs, Carrie Raymond Bedore and Jim Bedore, and Anne Mongoven, Auction Chairs, Marc and Farrah Gall, and Sponsorship Chair, Gavin Hattersley.

Presenting Sponsor: Kohl’s Department Stores

Platinum Level Sponsor: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Blue Level Sponsors: Anon Charitable Trust, Crescent Grove Advisors, Northwestern Mutual

Black Level Sponsors: Baird, BMO Harris Bank, MillerCoors, Town Bank, UWM Foundation, von Briesen & Roper, S.C., Mason Wells

Yellow Level Sponsors: Aurora Health Care, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Cramer-Krasselt, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C., Milwaukee Bucks, PNC Financial Services, Quarles and Brady LLP, Robertson Ryan & Associates, Inc., Trane, Wells Fargo


Your contributions and heartfelt dedication allows us to serve the most vulnerable children in Milwaukee.



Al Araque – Chair
JP Morgan Chase

Keith Baisden – Vice Chair
Town Bank

Jeffrey Barth – Treasurer

Diane Rogers – Secretary
Capstone National Partners

Steven Thomas – Member-At-Large
Kohl’s Department Stores

Theresa Reagan – Member-At-Large
Community Volunteer

Michael Brophy – Immediate Past Board Chair
Aurora Healthcare (Retired)

Robert Mikulay – Past Board Chair
MillerCoors (Retired)



Dirk Carson

Kareeda Chones-Aguam
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Erickajoy Daniels
Advocate Aurora Health

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University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

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Sarah and Viktor Gottlieb
Christine Kinyon and David Gourlay
Grafton Preschool and Childcare, Inc.
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Brent Haglund
Hales Corners Lioness Club
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Melissa and Chris Marschka
Linda and Clifford Mayer
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Range Line Preschool and Childcare, Inc.
Marylyn and Bruce A. Ranta
Carolyn and Richard Raymaker
Jack Rodee
Sara and Phillip A. Roemaat
Ellen and Robert Romans
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Catherine Rossi
Heather Rotolo
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Andrew Ruehl
Geraldine and Forrest Sarver
Sharon and Ronald G. Schlicht
Laura and Scott Schubert
Peggy and Robert J. Schuemann
Virginia Schwerm
Michele and Richard Seesel
Stephanie and Jimmy Shabangu
Randall Sherer
Suzanne and Walter R. Simonz, Jr.
Paul Sippy
Noel Skarpmoen
Jes Skaug
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Nancy and Mark B. Smuckler, M.D.
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Barbara Stein
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Denise Thomas
Rose and Jerry Thomas
Dr. John and Anne Thomas, Jr.
Judy and Richard Toth
Sandra Tunis
United Methodist Women
Becky and Robert Valcq
Corinthia Van Orsdol
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Cathy and Michael White
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Celeste and Craig Zaffrann
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Anne Zizzo

4 His Luv
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Anita and Leon Andrzejewski
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Karyn and Andrew Biller
Susan and Frederic Bliffert
Barbara Bohmann
Susan M. Boquist
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Cynthia Carlson
Linda Carlson
Marian L. and Michael Carroll
Wendy and John Cayer
Virginia and Jack Chmiel
Jess and Tim Cigelske
Jennifer and Joseph Clements
Linda Condash
Mary and Lloyd Croatt
Tamara Crum
David Dahlman
Kathleen Daniels
Jerry DeQuardo
Marlene and Jerrold M. Deutsch
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Front Room Studios
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Janet and Phillip Gural
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Helene and Steven Gyarmaty
Mary Haberman
Kathryn Behling and Christopher Hansen
Laverne G Happel
Patricia Hardin
Sandra and David Harris
William Harrison
Barbara B. Hartnett
Lois Haupt
Joan and David Haznaw
Ruth and Otto Heimler
Maureen and Daniel Holahan
Mary Pat and John Hornak
Ihlenfeldt Trust
Julia A. Ihlenfeldt
Lynn Ihlenfeldt
Francine and William John
Joan and Robert Johnson
Victoria and Wayne Johnson
Kristine Kampa
Brenda Karvelis
Margie and Joseph Klein
Connie Knapp
Kathleen Koneazny
Susan and Gary Kramer
Amy Krohn

Craig Krzyzkowski
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