Dear Friend of Penfield Children’s Center,

In 2016, Penfield Children’s Center took the next step in its transformational work to serve Milwaukee’s central city children.

Each year, parents witness the amazing gains their children are making through the tireless work of Penfield staff who provide comprehensive early intervention services. Parents feel included in this developmental journey, while imagining exciting futures for their children. Unfortunately, for many of our families, they are not quite ready for their children to leave our care at age 3.

In September 2016, we made the first step toward deepening our impact and continuing our important work by opening Penfield Montessori Academy, a fully-inclusive Montessori public charter school. We welcomed kindergarten students into our three multi-age classrooms (K3, K4 and K5) last year. We will add one grade each year until Penfield Montessori Academy is a fully-enrolled K3 through 8th grade school by September 2024.

For many of our children, their developmental journey begins at Penfield Children’s Center. Our focus has not changed. Each day, the staff at Penfield Children’s Center are driven by a shared goal – to create a pathway for all children, particularly those with special needs or living in poverty, to a full and healthy life by maximizing the individual potential of each child.

Our 2016 Annual Report illustrates many of these children’s amazing journeys. Last year, we celebrated our new birth-through-early adolescence approach with Chelsea, a fun-loving Penfield Montessori student who initially came to Penfield’s Special Care Nursery five years ago. The amazing progress Chelsea has made – and will continue to make at Penfield Montessori Academy – is truly a testament to Penfield’s amazing staff.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we will continue to change the lives of children in our community.


Christine Holmes signature

Christine P. Holmes
President and CEO

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Robert L. Mikulay
Chairman, Board of Directors




At about 3 weeks old, Chelsea’s mom, Yolanda, received a call from the doctor that changed her life. Her daughter’s newborn check-up had come back showing that Chelsea had cystic fibrosis. An inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system, cystic fibrosis causes the body to produce a thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and causes issues in the pancreas, liver and kidneys. After confirmation from the doctor, Yolanda took charge of the situation and learned all she could to keep Chelsea safe and healthy. In order to manage the diagnosis, Chelsea started taking pancreatic enzymes to help with food digestion, vitamins, an acid reducer and two different nebulizer medications to allow her to breathe properly. She was also placed on a lactose-free diet, and her digestive health needed close monitoring. When it was time for Yolanda to return to work, she enrolled Chelsea at Penfield’s Special Care Nursery so she could get the care she needed.

“I was so worried about leaving Chelsea in the care of someone else for the entire day. She had, and still has, extensive health needs and I knew that I had to find a special place for her,” said Yolanda. “When I found out about Penfield, I was relieved to learn that Chelsea would not only be taken care of by nurses and therapists, but that the staff was trained to care for her the way I was taught by the doctor.”

Chelsea spent a year-and-a-half in the Special Care Nursery and then transitioned into one of the Early Education rooms at Penfield. Even though she was no longer in the nursery, she still received medications and vest therapy each day to loosen the mucus in her lungs. Her teachers were also trained in how to care for her. Additionally, the same nurses that had been caring for Chelsea since she arrived at Penfield were able to check on her during the day to see if she needed further treatments or care. When Chelsea turned 5, Yolanda was excited to learn that Penfield was opening a Montessori school for children of all abilities called Penfield Montessori Academy. She loved the idea of a Montessori education for Chelsea because of its hands-on nature, and felt relieved to learn that the nurses at Penfield Children’s Center would also care for her at her new school.

“Chelsea is thriving at Penfield Montessori Academy, and as her mom, I feel comfortable dropping her off each day because I know she will not only learn and grow, but also receive the care she needs,” said Yolanda.“Because of Penfield, my child is able to just have fun and be a kid, while her significant medical needs are met, and that is the most important thing of all to me.”

  • The Early Education and Child Care Program served 142 children. Fifty eight of these children had a disability or special need.
  • 100% of the children who participated in our child care program displayed improvement in their development.
  • In partnership with Acelero, Penfield offers three Early Head Start classrooms, which provide child development and family support services that work to enhance the development of young children.



Penfield Children’s Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy before children enter school. As a contracted provider for early intervention services through the Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program, Penfield Children’s Center provides these services in children’s homes and at our center. Services are available to children with developmental delays or diagnosed conditions that put them at risk for a delay. Penfield provides partnerships between parents or caregivers and a team of early intervention professionals who provide service coordination, speech, physical and occupational therapy, special education, behavioral health services, family support and education. In addition, outpatient therapy is provided for older children who are attending school. Therapists work with individuals from birth to adulthood who require therapy to recover from injuries and surgery.

  • 59 children received acute, short-term or long-term occupational, physical or speech therapy services.
  • 77.4% of children who participated in the Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program made substantial progress in their cognition, speech, fine and gross motor, and self help skills. 75.2% made significant gains in their social emotional development.
  • The Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program at Penfield served 800 children.



The Behavior Clinic at Penfield Children’s Center works in collaboration with Marquette University to provide mental health treatment services for children 5 and younger who have significant behavior and emotional issues. Counselors work with parents to develop a treatment plan to assist parents in managing their children’s behaviors and provide weekly counseling sessions in the homes of families. It is the only program of its kind in Milwaukee that addresses significant behavioral issues early in the lives of children to set them on a positive track for the future. Using the Early Pathways Program, a nationally recognized, mental health program for young children in poverty with significant behavior and emotional problems including trauma, our staff provided 1,823 hours of mental health therapy during home visits, primarily in Milwaukee’s central-city.

  • Through a partnership with Marquette University, the Behavior Clinic served 345 children with significant behavioral and/or emotional issues.
  • During 2016, 76% of children reduced their behavioral problems and 70% of children increased their prosocial behaviors following treatment.
  • For children given a formal primary psychiatric diagnosis and completed treatment, 78% no longer met the criteria for a diagnosis following treatment.



The Special Care Nursery provides therapy, medical care and education for children who have serious health issues and medical conditions. The nursery is staffed by a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse and three certified nursing assistants with the medical expertise and training to care for our most vulnerable children. While receiving critical medical care, children play and learn in a safe, caring environment. The Special Care Nursery also provides respite from the stress parents may experience while caring for a medically-fragile child, as well as time for them to care for their other children, and attend work or school. A professional team of Penfield’s specialists work with families to develop a customized and coordinated plan of medical monitoring, education and therapy designed to advance their children’s development, and to help them become medically stable. The fundamental purpose of the Special Care Nursery is to improve each child’s quality of life, now and in the future.

Gia is a sweet 4-year-old who currently receives medical and therapeutic services at Penfield Children’s Center, while also attending Penfield Montessori Academy. Gia was a healthy, typically-developing baby at birth. After suffering from a lack of oxygen as the result of abuse when she was just 5-days-old, Gia sustained injuries that will affect her for the rest of her life. Rescued and resuscitated by a police officer, Gia was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, where she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. She was placed in foster care, and a year later, was adopted by her foster mother, Carrie.

“After taking placement of Gia’s sister at birth, I also took in Gia and adopted both girls because I knew I could provide a stable, loving environment,” said Carrie. While receiving early intervention services through the Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program, Gia was referred to Penfield by the Hanger Clinic at Children’s Hospital. Carrie toured the Special Care Nursery, and immediately knew it was the right place for Gia.

“I saw how well the children were taken care of, and felt the love that the nurses and other caregivers had for everyone placed in their care,” Carrie said. “There were also therapists on staff who could work with Gia, and it made me feel comfortable knowing she would receive the attention she needed throughout the day.”

After receiving medical services at Penfield’s Special Care Nursery, Carrie enrolled Gia in the K4 program at Penfield Montessori Academy. She continues to receive occupational, physical and speech therapy while she attends school, and receives medical treatment at the nursery at Penfield Children’s Center in the afternoon. Although Gia will never walk or talk, she is a bright, shining star, and is learning to communicate through eye gaze technology.

“Penfield Montessori Academy is always so warm and welcoming. No matter what issue comes up, they are willing to go the extra mile to help,” said Carrie. “The staff is constantly looking for appropriate equipment and services to help Gia with mobility and communication. I couldn’t ask for a better experience for my child.”

  • Penfield served 51 medically-fragile children with significant health concerns.
  • After receiving services in the Special Care Nursery, 96% of the children demonstrated improvements in their motor skills and 92% improved their cognitive skills.
  • 98% of parents/caregivers reported they increased the knowledge and skills necessary to care for children with disabilities.



Penfield Children’s Center provides enrichment programs for the entire family. Educational workshops, parent support groups and school transition support services help engage families in their children’s care. Penfield also celebrates what makes each child unique by hosting cultural events and holiday parties. Funded by the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County, bilingual parent mentors help address the unique needs of each family by providing information about Penfield’s programming, and working to ensure all families have access to essentials – such as warm clothing, food and access to community resources.

  • Penfield offered 35 family programs and events including celebrations, support groups, parent education workshops and family reading nights. More than 2,200 children and family members were in attendance!
  • The 2016 Holiday Party welcomed more than 800 guests. Families crafted holiday necklaces, snowflakes and hats, and enjoyed music and snacks. Kohl’s donated 1,000 gifts for our children and more than 100 volunteers and staff volunteered their time to ensure the event’s success.



The Kohl’s Building Blocks program creates access to early education and developmental programs for children and families. Together, Kohl’s Cares and Penfield Children’s Center are providing early intervention services, child development resources and equipment to children and families throughout Milwaukee county.

  • 1,441 Children served by Child Development Specialists
  • 21,446 Participants served by community outreach
  • 15,401 Children received early educational toolboxes
  • 97,906 Visitors to


Your contributions and heartfelt dedication allows us to serve the most vulnerable children in Milwaukee.



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* Donors who gave comprehensive campaign gifts



  • The Behavior Clinic received a grant for $1.9 million from SAMHSA to provide trauma-informed counseling to children 6 years of age and younger.
  • The 21st annual Croquet Ball raised $320,000. More than 300 guests enjoyed meeting and mingling with Donald Driver and celebrated Nicholas Wilson who received the Benefactor Award.
  • In collaboration with Gene Mueller of Newsradio 620 WTMJ and the Bosch Tavern, the “Tug the Tavern” event raised more than $5,300 to support Penfield.
  • 225 Kohl’s Associates in Action volunteers spent 673 hours cleaning and remodeling our center and helping with our children. In support of these efforts, Kohl’s donated $21,500.
  • In collaboration with Kohl’s Cares, Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rockers, Milwaukee Fire, Police and Sanitation Departments, The Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation, Inc., Milwaukee County Transit System, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Safe & Sound, Inc., and LaMacchia Travel, Safety Day welcomed 200 kids and community members!
  • Penfield received a $90,000 grant from Aurora Health Care’s Better Together Fund for the Behavior Clinic. This funding will allow us to expand our behavioral health services and outreach to the community.



The 21st annual Croquet Ball raised $320,000. More than 300 guests enjoyed meeting and mingling with Donald Driver and celebrated Nicholas Wilson, the 2016 Benefactor Award recipient. We were excited to introduce two very special children, Evelyn and Chelsea and celebrated their time at Penfield. Thank you to our Event Chairs, Christina and Al Araque, Auction Co-Chairs, Tere Sackerson and Jessica Zeratsky and Sponsorship Chairs, Tony Nguyen and Melanie Booth.

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Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin



Ernst & Young

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PNC Bank

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Town Bank

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Wells Fargo


The combined financial records of Penfield Children’s Center, Inc., the Friends of Penfield Children’s Center, Inc. and VMMS Building Corporation for the year ending December 31, 2016 were audited by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, Milwaukee. The complete audited financial statements for 2016 are available at Penfield Children’s Center, 833 N. 26th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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