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Since 1967, Penfield has been a place where children with special needs find support, comfort, encouragement and strength. Each year, more than 1,600 children and their families benefit from the comprehensive, quality childhood development and family programs that Penfield provides.

In order to continue to offer these innovative services and make strides to help more children and families in need in our community, Penfield needs you. Your support, in any capacity, will help transform the lives of children in our care.


Can’t support Penfield with a gift of money? We will graciously accept donations of toys, clothing, classroom and art supplies and much more.  Check out our wishlist for specific needs and purchase directly through the site! Currently, we are most in need of the following:

Children’s winter coats, sizes 5-12

Boys size 3T, 4T, 5T & 6 clothes

Girls size 3T, 4T, 5T, & 6 clothes

Door Knob covers

Safety 1st adjustable gates

Board Books (learning, colors, letters, etc.)

Blocks (wooden or plastic (large blocks)

Cause and Effect Toys (toys that light up or make noise)

Weighted Blankets and stuffed animals

Bilingual Toys (Books, Dolls)

Puzzles (Big Wooden Knobs, Magnetic, Shapes, 3- piece Puzzles – Melissa & Doug make very nice ones)

Augmentative Toys

Hip Adductor Shorts (similar to bike shorts) for toddlers

Pretend Play toys – Doll house, Little People, Camera, Barn and Farm Animals, Doll Sets, Kitchen Set

Art & Craft Supplies

Winter Coats for Toddlers (2T-5T)

Winter Boots for Toddlers (2T-5T)

Leap Frog Toys

V-tech Toys

For more information, please contact Jim Livesey at (414) 345-6370 or

Thank you for your support!

Our Mission Statement

Penfield Children's Center creates a positive start in life for infants and children, many of whom have developmental delays or disabilities, by providing early education, health services and family programming.

Penfield Facts

Penfield Children’s Center is named in honor of Dr. Wilder Penfield (1891-1976), a world-renowned neurosurgeon who strongly advocated early intervention for children with developmental delays and disabilities.