Kohls Building Blocks

Kohls Building Blocks

Through generous support from Kohl’s Cares, the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program helps Penfield Children’s Center support children throughout surrounding Milwaukee-area communities in Wisconsin. This comprehensive program gives children in need access to early educational and developmental programs, services and equipment. Programs and services available through the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program include:

Child Development Services
Specialized child development services to meet the unique needs of your child.

The Kohl’s Child Development Library
Access to specialized equipment and age-appropriate books in our center-based child development library.

Kohl’s Early Learning Toolkit
An age-appropriate book and toy for your child and information for parents in our Kohl’s Building Blocks Early Learning Toolkit.

Kohl’s Building Blocks Workshops
Hands-on workshops for children, parents and professionals to expand their understanding of both typically-developing children and children with special needs.

Articles, videos and helpful tips that focus on the unique developmental and educational needs of children at PenfieldBuildingBlocks.org.

For questions about our program or to schedule a FREE workshop, please contact: outreach@penfieldchildren.org