Kohl’s Building Blocks


Through generous support from Kohl’s Cares, the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program helps Penfield Children’s Center support children throughout surrounding Milwaukee-area communities in Wisconsin. This comprehensive program gives children in need access to early educational and developmental programs, services and equipment. Programs and services available through the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program include:

Child Development Services

Specialized and professional child development services from qualified professional staff with specific attention to the following:

  • Children with behavioral disorders including aggressive behavior, anxiety disorder, self-destructive behavior and hyperactivity.
  • Children who have been victims of abuse and neglect, as well as those children who have been witness to violence and violent behavior.
  • Children who have significant disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, as well as birth abnormalities and traumatic injuries.

The Kohl’s Child Development Library

Located at Penfield Children’s Center, the library provides families with exclusive access to specialized equipment, age-appropriate books and other early childhood development and education materials available on a check-out basis for in-home use.

Kohl’s Early Learning Toolkit

Upon enrollment in the program, children and families are provided with age-appropriate toys and books that stimulate and encourage continuous development while in their home.

Kohl’s Building Blocks Workshops

An outreach program focused on celebrating the unique abilities of children.  Free of charge and available to surrounding Milwaukee-area communities, the program provides quality resources and hands-on workshops for children, parents and professionals to expand their understanding of both typically developing children and children with special needs.


This online resource provides articles, videos and helpful tips focused on the unique developmental and educational needs of typically developing children and children with disabilities or developmental delays.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program or would like to schedule a workshop,  please contact Penfield at 414-344-7676 or outreach@penfieldchildren.org.


Our Mission Statement

Penfield Children's Center creates a positive start in life for infants and children, many of whom have developmental delays or disabilities, by providing early education, health services and family programming.

Penfield Facts

Since 1967, Penfield has been providing early intervention services for low income families with children with special needs, as well as integrated childcare.