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Penfield Children’s Center was founded on the philosophy that we need to reach children with special needs as early as possible to give them the best start in life

This means providing a system of coordinated early intervention services to promote positive development and support families during these critical early developmental years.

Penfield’s Birth to Three program is available to children with a developmental delay or a diagnosed condition that puts them at risk for a delay. It provides a partnership between parents or caregivers and a team of early intervention professionals that work together to increase each child’s abilities and help them reach their full potential. Services include:

  • Service Coordination
  • Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Special Care Nursery
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Family Support and Education

Penfield’s Birth to Three program serves families who live in Milwaukee County with children under 3 years of age. As each child nears their third birthday, Penfield provides Transition Planning to help families transition their child to a school-based program or other community program that best meets their needs.

In addition, all services are provided in a child’s natural environment, which means wherever a child typically spends their day—such as:

  • In their home.
  • At Penfield Children’s Center in early childhood classes where typically developing children and children with special needs learn and play together; staffed by special education teachers, early childhood teachers and therapists.
  • In Penfield’s Special Care Nursery for medically fragile and high risk children.
  • In speech/language play groups that focus on speech therapy and socialization.
  • In community day care centers.

By reaching children before age three and supporting the needs of the entire family, Penfield’s Birth to Three program improves a child’s health, social and educational gains; reduce feelings of isolation, stress and frustration families may experience; help parents better understand and meet their child’s needs and advocate for them in the future; and help children with special needs grow up to succeed in school.


For enrollment information or to schedule a visit to Penfield for you and your child, call at (414) 345-6326.

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Olivia's Story

Birth-to-Three program at Penfield has changed Olivia’s life.

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Our Mission Statement

Penfield Children's Center creates a positive start in life for infants and children, many of whom have developmental delays or disabilities, by providing early education, health services and family programming.

Penfield Facts

Since 1967, Penfield has been providing early intervention services for low income families with children with special needs, as well as integrated childcare.