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At 4 years old, DJ’s behavior was becoming hard to manage.  When he was angry, he threw toys and fought with other kids.  He had trouble following directions in school and performed at the level of a 2 year old in his class.  When he was diagnosed with ADHD his mother, Michele, began an arduous search for a program that would provide DJ with the kind of therapy she felt he desperately needed.  She was told repeatedly that he was too young to qualify for mental health services.  Then his teacher referred her to the Behavior Clinic, a jointly run program through Penfield Children’s Center and Marquette University that provides in-home mental health services for children under the age of six.

For eight weeks, a Behavior Clinic Counselor visited DJ in his home and worked closely with him and Michele to address his ADHD and increase his focus and listening skills.  DJ’s behavior improved immediately.   He learned to express his emotions without throwing a tantrum and started playing better with his classmates.  Recently, he scored 100% in memory, colors and numbers for his age level in school.  As a result, DJ is a happier little boy who loves spending time with his family.  “If it hadn’t been for the Behavior Clinic, I don’t know where we’d be as a family,” says Michele.  “I finally have my child back.”

Read what DJ’s therapist had to say about her time with DJ.

A one of a kind program in the Milwaukee area, the Behavior Clinic begins treatment at a critical time in early childhood development.  This early intervention prevents behavioral issues from worsening with age and promotes a nurturing and more positive family dynamic.

Your support allows Penfield to meet a growing need for pediatric mental health services in our community and help more kids, just like DJ, do better in school, enjoy playtime with their friends and grow stronger in a loving family.

"I finally have my child back."

Michele, DJ's mother

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