Meet our Kids

JJ’ Story

JJ loves working with his therapists.

For JJ, this means a number of things. He has head tremors, involuntary eye movements and a lack of muscle tone and control. Twice a week, JJ receives physical, occupational and speech therapies at Penfield’s Special Care Nursery. JJ’s therapists … Read more

Henry’s Story

Henry thrives in the Nursery.

Upon coming to the Nursery, he immediately started occupational, physical and speech therapy.  In the short time he’s spent at Penfield, his intellectual and developmental growth has skyrocketed.   Recently adopted by his foster parents, Henry’s mother trusts the dedicated staff … Read more

Mario’s Story

Everyone at Penfield loves Mario.

Mario has Arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder characterized by joint contractures that prevent him from bending his arms and legs. When he came to Penfield’s Special Care Nursery, he was unable to do much more than just lie on his … Read more

Ava’s Story


Through a partnership with Marquette University, the Behavior Clinic provides treatment services to children who have significant behavioral and emotional issues. The only program of its kind in Milwaukee, it offers family-centered, in-home treatment sessions that address issues very early … Read more

Myles’ Story

Myles loves the Nursery

Myles is now 19 months old and his time in the Nursery has made a significant impact on his development.  Through hard work and determination along with speech, occupational and physical therapy, Myles continues to learn new skills as he … Read more

Nash’s Story

Nash is a happy little boy.

Initially, Nash was uncomfortable around new kids and hesitant to work with speech and physical therapists. Although Penfield’s staff understood his limitations, they also nurtured his potential. Through physical therapy, he began grasping toys and developed the strength to sit … Read more

DJ’s Story


A one of a kind program in the Milwaukee area, the Behavior Clinic begins treatment at a critical time in early childhood development.  This early intervention prevents behavioral issues from worsening with age and promotes a nurturing and more positive … Read more

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea loves the camera.

In the few months she’s spent in the Nursery, Chelsea has gained much needed weight and her motor skills have improved. Although she still gets sick and has to spend time in the hospital, her longest hospital stay is usually … Read more

Liam’s Story


Recently, Wendy wrote a heartfelt letter to Penfield staff expressing her gratitude for their warmth, care, and for providing a renewed sense of hope for Liam’s future. Liam was on TV! Watch a story about Liam from Today’s TMJ 4.

Caleb’s Story

Caleb and his mother, Kayla, play together

For eight weeks, a Behavior Clinic Counselor visited Caleb in the privacy of his home and worked one-on-one with him to address specific behavior patterns. Kayla was involved too and learned disciplinary techniques and effective ways to work with Caleb … Read more

Penfield Photos

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