Kohl’s Donates More Than $4 Million to Penfield

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Kohl’s Department Stores has announced the continuation of its partnership with Penfield with a $4 million donation over five years to enhance and expand Kohl’s Building Blocks Program.  Additional funding will allow Penfield to add bilingual care services, implement a community outreach program and create a digital education platform.  The donation comes to Penfield from Kohl’s philanthropic program, Kohl’s Cares®.

Currently, the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program consists of three main components:

Child Development Services: Qualified and experienced Child Development Specialists work with children with complex needs to provide specialized care and therapy.

The Kohl’s Child Development Library: A unique resource that offers families the opportunity to “check out” materials that support health and development in the home.  Materials include educational resources for parents, children’s books and specialized therapy equipment and toys.

The Kohl’s Development Toolbox: Given to each family in the program, this resource is filled with learning tools and materials that children and families can use at home to encourage continuous development.

Over the next five years, Kohl’s donation will bring the addition of a Bilingual Child Development Specialist to further focus on the needs of the Hispanic/Latino community.  Penfield will also work with Kohl’s to expand the program through community outreach and a digital platform.  The platform will serve as an online resource for those involved with children with special needs and combine the efforts and expertise of educators, parents and community leaders.

Penfield is grateful for Kohl’s continuous and extremely generous support.  Since 2000, Kohl’s has given more than $7.2 million to support our programs, families and annual fundraiser, The Croquet Ball.  This investment will strengthen the Kohl’s Building Blocks Program and help Penfield make an even greater impact on the lives of children with special needs in the Milwaukee community and beyond.

Please read the press release below, put together by Kohl’s Department Stores, to learn more about the impact of this wonderful gift.

Kohl’s Donates More Than $4 Million to Penfield – Press Release